Our Pastor

barlowrrecentBarlow Buescher has served the Lakewood Presbyterian Church since 1990. He is employed as a part time pastor and finishes out his income earning as a college instructor. He teaches a variety of courses at Joint Base Lewis-McChord with Pierce and St. MartinĀ“s colleges. Having a dual vocation allows him to use each to inform the other, keeping sermons interesting and relevant. Barlow graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary and was ordained in Philippi, West Virginia, in 1986, where he served two small churches. His theology is strongly reformed, but he was raised in the Roman Catholic Church and spent some time worshiping and leading in non-denominational settings. This collection of experience enables him to really help people understand their own beliefs. Barlow loves air-cooled cars, dogs, children (regardless of age), the Church, and the Lord.

Rev. Barlow J. Buescher: bjbuescher@earthlink.net

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