Mission Statement

  • We are God's people doing God's work in our community.
  • We believe that God created Lakewood Presbyterian to invite and include all people to participate in the worship and ministry of the church.
  • Worship, which includes the sacraments, is central to the life of each individual and is expressed best by fully incorporating the diversity of the community.
  • We believe we have responsibility to encourage and provide for life-long learning throughout our individual and shared faith journey.
  • As Christians, we are obedient to Christ and, therefore, reach out and serve others.
  • We value our relationships with one another.  We believe that, through our experiences within the church, we grow in our ability to share God's truth in our everyday lives.

Organizational Vision Statement

We at Lakewood Presbyterian Church exist to invite all people to gather and learn in order to live our individual and collective lives intentionally and to speak with reasoned voices on important social issues in our church and in our world.